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MSA Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance
The MSA holds Public Liability Insurance in the sum of ten million pounds (£10,000,000) and Professional Indemnity insurance in the sum of five million pounds (£5,000,000) for the MSA and for MSA members engaged in any driver training that they are qualified to deliver.

MSA members can download the insurance document from here once they have logged in
Public liability
Public liability insurance protects you from accident claims made by a client or member of the public. The MSA public liability insurance protects members where a third party makes a claim, caused by the negligence of a member, for personal injury or damage to property, not belonging to the member, when outside the car.

Example: MSA Member working in a classroom environment. Because of the negligence of a member, someone is hurt and property not belonging to the member is damaged - member covered.
Professional indemnity
Professional indemnity cover can help protect you if claims are brought against you by clients due to a problem with work you have done for them. The MSA professional indemnity insurance covers MSA members in case of action taken against them by a third party for professional error negligence or omission in the professional advice they give to the public.

Example: MSA member working in a vehicle. MSA member gives instruction to a client to take an action the action results in the person they have given the instruction to being injured - member covered.
MSA General Manager John Lepine MBE said:
"I believe this policy provides unique cover for MSA members unlike anything else available to driver trainers. It is included in the MSA membership fee which equates to around £1.25 a week."
Foot Note:
  1. The MSA policy is provided by Hiscox and carries an excess of £250 on Public Liability claims. An excess of £1,000 applies to each claim or loss excluding defence costs under the Professional Indemnity cover, the excess increases to £5,000 including defence costs for any claim or loss arising from, or in connection with, the death, disease or bodily or mental injury of anyone.
  2. MSA members can download proof of cover from the MSA website.
  3. McIntosh Fleming solicitors describe professional negligence to the public like this "If you have lost out financially as a result of poor advice or sub standard services from a qualified professional you may have a right to claim compensation for professional negligence. Professionals are legally liable if they fail to provide their services with reasonable skill and care." Financial losses could be claimed by a learner driver in the event of an accident based on loss of income or capacity and as a result of pain and suffering endured.

MSA members can download the insurance document from here once they have logged in
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