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Share Driving Licence goes live12-01-2016  
The DVLA Share Driving Licence service has moved from beta into live. This won’t change the user experience, but it does signify that it has successfully passed the 18 service standards for government digital services hosted on GOV.UK.

The benefits

Our online service provides:

  • up-to-date information - accessible from anywhere where there’s an internet connection or access to telephone
  • better and safer licence checking for third parties - saving nearly half a million drivers every year from having to pay £20 to replace a lost counterpart.

The challenge

The challenge was to develop a service that allowed third parties, such as, employers, rental companies and driving instructors a way of checking appropriate driving licence details from the 45 million driving records held on the DVLA database.

DVLA  explored several concepts of how this could be done before arriving at a solution to ensure the driver remains in control of who they share their driving information with – just like the counterpart. This involves the driver generating a check code from within the View Driving Licence service, and the third party redeeming the code to access the record summary via Check Driving Licence.

Getting to this stage represents several months’ worth of user research, iteratively developing the service from prototype screens to the full live service. The team worked to transform user’s thoughts and actions into working software to give the best user experience possible.

During the 9 months of beta DVLA carried out 29 rounds of usability testing, observing users in real life scenarios navigating their way through the service.  We also analysed over 69,000 comments from user’s feedback.

We used all of this information to continue to make improvements - all the way up to go-live.

Since the launch of the public beta in May over 7.9 million records have been viewed with 3.3 million sharing codes created and over 1.2 million licence checks completed.

What’s next for the service?

Further usability testing is planned and DVLA will be talking to and visiting the companies who took part in our private beta to gather further insight and improve the service. Sessions like these allow us to design our services to be the best they can be.


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