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Cashback for Learner drivers who pass driving test13-11-2015  
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, has announced plans to 'incentivise' young drivers to ensure they are ready for their tests and this means learner drivers could be rewarded with 'cashback' if they pass their driving test

A consultation paper has been issued today, press reports state:

Learner drivers who fail their tests face paying more than those who pass in an attempt to discourage young motorists who are not ready for the road.

Under government plans people who pass their test will be entitled to "cashback" from the £62 fee that they pay for taking it.

Those that fail, however, will have to pay the full amount in a bid to encourage young drivers to ensure that they are ready to take the test.

The plans have been put out to consultation by the Department for Transport amid concerns that just one in five people pass their driving test on the first attempt.

From: The Telegraph

Learner drivers may get refund if they pass test first time

The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering the proposal in a bid to encourage learners to only take the test when they are ready and confident of passing.

It is hoped this will mean new drivers are less likely to have an accident in their first months of having a full licence. Only 47.6% of learners pass first time.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) conducts 1.5m practical tests each year but only 21% result in a first-time pass. Fifty-three per cent are failed and 26% are passed by learners who are on at least their second attempt.

Under the proposal, the practical driving test fee, which costs up to £75, would be reduced. The learner would also be required to pay a deposit – the exact figure has yet to be determined – which would be returned if they passed.

This is part of a consultation aimed at finding ways to improve road safety and increase efficiency in government agencies.

From the Guardian

Money off if you pass driving test first time: Bid to make sure learners sit exam when they're ready

New drivers would get a cashback reward if they pass their test the first time under plans being considered by the Government.

Only one in five learners pass their first driving test, and it is hoped that offering to refund part of their test fee would encourage them to delay booking until they are sure they are likely to be successful.

Currently a daytime test during the week costs £62, rising to £75 for evening and weekend slots, with most learners forking out for several attempts.

Officials from the Department for Transport propose treating part of the fee as a deposit when the test is booked, which would then be refunded to the learner if they pass on their first attempt.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: ‘We want to make learning to drive safer and more affordable. This change will give those who pass first time some money back and provide an incentive for learners to be more prepared before they take their test.’ Ministers are also looking at ways to offer more flexible test slots to reduce waiting times, a wider selection of test venues and a more effective system for booking tests online, and will consult on the fees for both practical and theory tests.

Many learners are encouraged to book a test soon after they have started driving lessons to avoid waiting weeks for a test date, only to find they are not ready when the time comes, fail, and have to pay for another slot.

According to the DVLA, a learner needs an average of 45 hours of lessons to pass their test – typically at a cost of more than £1,000. Sitting multiple tests causes the costs to further pile up. Figures released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency last year revealed one man in his 30s only passed on his 11th attempt, having spent nearly £2,000 on lessons and tests. Transport minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: ‘This is a bold and ambitious approach aimed at putting the user at the heart of everything the motoring agencies do.

From The Mail

Read the consultation document in full
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