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Driving Examiners Vote for Strike Action11-11-2015  
The result of the ballot for industrial action covering Driving Examiners in the DVSA was published today


The result was

  • 91.5% in favour of strike action
  • 96.9% in favour of action short of strike

The turn-out was 64.6% which is high for a postal ballot of this kind. Driving Examiners have applied to their unions dispute committee for authorisation for industrial action, quite what that will mean to ADIs and candidates is as yet unclear. At the MSA we will do our best to keep ADIs upto date with these matters.

As John Lepine reported last week in his Blog “Much of the discontent appears to be connected to the Modernising Employment Contracts (MEC), a cross government initiative designed to standardise the hours worked by all civil servants.” The unions say that they want to “resolve the issues in question by sensible, meaningful negotiation.”

The MSA were told at a meeting with the DVSAs previous CEO that one of the benefits of the new contracts would be that examiners would all being carrying out two extra tests a week as yet this has not happened despite the lengthening waiting lists.

The examiners union are drawing the attention of the DVSA to the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licence) Regulations 1999 S1 2864/1999 in regard to examiners carrying out driving tests in good daylight. They believe that some examiners have been or will be asked to change their working pattern to accommodate extra tests and that these test may be before 8:30am or after 4:30pm and therefore not “in good daylight”.

The union is reminding its members that in their opinion all driving examiners have the legal power to decline to do tests if they believe the light is poor.

The official DVSA “Guidance for driving examiners carrying out driving tests (DT1)” states at paragraph “1.20 EYESIGHT: Read in good daylight (with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if worn) a registration mark fixed to a motor vehicle and containing letters and figures etc.”

It also states that “If the light is suitable for testing but nevertheless cannot be considered `good daylight', the candidate may, if necessary, be asked to read a number plate at the measured distance. However, if they cannot do so, they should not be regarded as having failed, and the test should be terminated and the circumstances reported to booking section.”

If you are an ADI and you feel your candidate has been disadvantaged by being required to take a test in conditions that cannot be described as “good daylight” please contact the MSA

As stated in John’s Blog “Fortunately, the DVSA’s new chief executive, Paul Satoor, has a background in senior HR roles across the public and private sectors, so hopefully he will be able to sort this matter out quickly and move towards providing driving tests in a timely fashion at all driving test centres.”

We understand Mr Satoor has not yet met with union leaders, let’s hope he and his senior management team are able to sort this matter out as quickly as possible in order that candidates and driving instructors are not inconvenienced.

Waiting times are already lengthening across Great Britain we do not need any more disruptions to driver testing.


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