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Survey findings published on ADI performance measurement proposals14-10-2015  
NASP have today published the results of a survey on DVSA proposals to introduce enhanced performance measurements for ADIs.

Back in June we asked members to give us their views on a number of proposals designed to target and develop underperforming ADIs whilst at the same time seeking ways of introducing a enhanced recognition scheme for high performing trainers.

The report summarises the responses, key findings and recommendations resulting from a national survey of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) conducted by the National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) from June to September 2015. The survey was created to gather direct feedback from professional driver trainers on a number of measures being considered by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to better monitor and manage ADI quality and performance.

The report includes a full summary of the survey data itself, alongside details of the key sentiments of respondents to the proposals (including a selection of actual comments made by respondents, representative of the mix of feelings of those surveyed towards the proposals), and culminating in conclusions drawn by the NASP steering group.


Following meetings between NASP and the DVSA earlier this year it emerged that there was a desire within DVSA to explore the adoption of a data driven approach to targeting ADIs who are (in the eyes of the regulator) performing poorly, and to also allow them to equally highlight areas of high performance. In essence, the regulator is looking at whether using the core data that they record about ADIs (such as driving test performance) can be combined with other performance indicators, such as the Standards Check, to create a more holistic picture of ADI performance and quality.

A system similar to the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) which is currently used by the DVSA to decide which vehicles should be inspected was discussed.

Linked to this proposal, NASP was also requested to give consideration to and suggest potential measurement criteria for an additional quality marque for high performing ADIs (over and above the Standards Check grade alone), that could be useful in publicly promoting excellence in the field of driver training.

The idea has also been linked to the creation of a qualitative assessment of ADI standards and to publishing performance information about individual ADIs via an enhanced version of the Find Your Nearest online function provided by the DVSA.


The conclusion of this report (pages 13 & 14) are NASPs Statement of Principle on this subject and additionally a series of recommendations which NASP would make to DVSA in order to progress the dialogue on this subject more productively. 

Download the full Report on the NASP web site
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