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MSA says no to fee threat for ADIs using tribunal16-09-2015  
The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has consulted on proposals to introduce fees for proceedings in the first tier tribunal. ADIs would have to pay between one and six hundred pounds for an appeal.

Details of the MoJ consultation can be read here.

The MSA response on behalf of ADIs is to say no to fees.

In the MSA response we stated:

"No we do not agree with these fees. We believe that they are likely to be a barrier to justice in so far as these fees will put off some appellants from lodging appeals.

"we believe that appeals against decisions made by the ADI Registrar should be exempt from fees.

"We are concerned that these fees will prevent qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) and prospective driving instructors from being able to challenge the rulings of the Registrar of ADIs."

The MSA consulted widely on this matter and thank all members who responded.

Fee threat for ADIs using tribunal to challenge the Registrar
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