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DVSA Complaints report published19-08-2015  
A Report covering complaints about the DVSA and other DfT agencies has been published today

The report covers complaints referred for Independent Complaints Assessor (ICA) review between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015 inclusive and completed before 1 September 2015.

The ICA independently reviews complaints about services delivered by executive agencies of the Department for Transport.

The Department for Transport executive agencies are:

  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • Vehicle Certification Agency
  • Highways England
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Regarding the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency the report states:

“We are pleased to report that for the second year running case referrals to the ICA from the driving standards side of the Agency’s operations have fallen. The reduction this year is of the order of 15 per cent (from 34 to 29).

A number of DVSA cases are summarised in the report including a complaint by a driving instructor about a standards check test


Complaint: Mr AB, a driving instructor, complained about the circumstances of his standards check test. He said he had been judged unfairly.

Agency response: The DVSA said that standards check tests were different from the previous check tests. They were content that the test had been conducted fairly.

ICA outcome: This was an unusually protracted DVSA review. The ICA spoke to Mr AB's pupil and she confirmed that the test had begun with the examiner wrongly accusing Mr AB of being late and that there was an unpleasant atmosphere. The ICA also discovered that the results of standards check tests showed a fall in the pass rate - mainly in relation to the issues where Mr AB was marked down. There was no evidence that the examiner was subject to more complaints, and overall there was no reason to choose Mr AB's account of how he performed over the examiner's contemporaneous record, although the unhappy start to the test could have given an impression of unfairness. However, it was surprising that in carrying out its review of the complaint the DVSA had not asked the examiner for her views. The ICA recommended that his report be shared with the examiner and her manager. A poor investigation into a test candidate’s complaint.

ICA to the DfT Annual Report 201415
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