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One hundred percent increase in speed limit for Tanks17-07-2015  
The maximum speed limit for MoD armoured track laying vehicles (AVT), e.g. tanks, armoured personnel carriers etc., on public roads is 20mph. Government has consulted about an increase.

PICTURE: Challenger 2 Tank Firing a Shell
Photo: Cpl Si Longworth RLC MOD

Vehicle specific speed limits are devolved fully in Northern Ireland and partly in Scotland allowing the limits there to be different from the rest of Great Britain. The consultation therefore only considered the speed limit in England and Wales.

Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport states:

“I am very pleased with the high level of interest shown in this consultation and would like to thank all those who responded for their valuable input. I have noted the views expressed, both by the high majority of respondents in favour of a speed limit increase and those people concerned about the proposal.

“After careful consideration I have decided to proceed with plans to increase the speed limit for military armoured track laying vehicles (AVT) from 20mph to a maximum 40mph (dependent on vehicle specific safety cases) on public roads in England and Wales. The increase will allow realistic training to satisfy the operational need for AVT crews to be competent and experienced in driving and manoeuvring their vehicles on public roads in England and Wales at the speed of traffic amongst civilian drivers.

“This will enable them to do so safely on operations both at home and worldwide. It is also likely to be safer for other road users and the crews of AVT if they travel at speeds in excess of 20 mph, thereby reducing the hazard caused by large slow moving vehicles transiting on fast flowing public roads. The speed limit increases for AVT will be implemented via a change in the law to be laid in Parliament during the next few months, with implementation scheduled for October2015. The existing limit will continue to apply until the change has been put into effect. The amended speed limit will cover public roads in England and Wales, unless specific lower local or urban speed limits are in effect.

Military armoured track laying vehicles: increasing speed limits - Click here for full details
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