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Share Driving Licence Changes to the check code11-07-2015  
Some of the feedback DVSA have received so far highlights that, for some, the 72 hours validity period when a check code generated is not long enough.

It’s clear that some users want the check code to last longer – particularly those who need it when they are travelling.

The service allows users to generate a check code  which they can share  with a third party in order to prove their entitlement to drive – for example in response to a request from their employer, or when hiring a vehicle.

Since the abolition of the counterpart on 8 June 2015, the Share Driving Licence service, has been in public beta. This means it is fully functioning and being used by the public whilst still being tested.  The service is proving popular – it’s been used over 1.4 million times since 8 June and currently has a customer satisfaction rating of 87.2%.

So DVSA listened they have extended the validity period to 21 days.  Car hire companies or employers will still need the last eight digits of the driver’s licence number to redeem the code. Of course, it can be cancelled at any time, putting the user in control of when their record can be accessed and by whom.

DVSA plan is to review this in three months once they have had sufficient further feedback from users and industry.

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