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Deadline is looming for new L-test - MSA GB pull-out and keep guide is on its way06-10-2017  
The new L-test guide is included in the October Newslink. Contents includes: the changes to the DL25, how TRL saw the L-test trial, the new instructions examiners will give & ALL the "Show me, Tell Me" questions they are going to ask - with answers.

Over the past two years, many pages of Newslink and this web site have been filled with details of proposed changes to the driving test. The changes have been described as the most important to affect the L-test for many years, and hailed by the DVSA as a move that makes the L-test more relevant to modern driving.

Despite the lengthy coverage we’ve given the changes – both through Newslink, the internet and at various regional seminars and our national conference – MSA head office still receives calls from members confused by what is changing, asking questions about what is involved, whether it will affect their pupils, the validity of the changes, how the tests will be marked and why they are being introduced.

To make sure all members are fully informed, we’ve produced a special supplement to Newslink, the new L-testpull-out and keep guide for members includes everything you need to know about the changes. December 4: it’s D-Day for you, your pupils and the L-test. 

The contents of the guide includes:

  • The changes to the DL25
  • How TRL saw the L-test trial
  • The new instructions examiners will give
  • ALL the "Show me, Tell Me" questions they are going to ask - with answers

There are al;so articles about:

  • Driving test changes: making the test more reflective of real-life driving
  • New driving test: The four big changes you must know
  • The Sat Nav Who sets it up... how the disabled community responded... and why is there no Welsh option?
  • Why pulling up on the right is real-life driving

Copies of the October issue of Newslink are in the post to every MSA GB member.

The on-line version of Newslink is available now to MSA GB members who can log in to the exclusive members only section of the web site

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