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NASP Meeting Report, Tuesday 12 September 2017, Manchester. 20-09-2017  
With a packed agenda (reflecting the number of initiatives and developments currently at play in the industry) the National Associations Strategic Partnership met in early September for its regular round table meeting.

Key points of discussion

Use of dashcams

DVSA have previously promised to publish advice on this subject, with input from the

Information Commissioners Office, but this has still to materialise. In the meantime, to offer

some practical advice for ADIs, NASP will publish some best practice guidelines on the NASP

website shortly. This will also include clarification about the terms and conditions of

instructor insurance policies with regard to dashcam usage.

Practical Test Implementation

The official research report on the practical test trial has now been published. This will

shortly be published on the NASP website, alongside FAQs which have already been

published by NASP on the implementation of the new Category B test. It was noted that

ADIs had been sent a handbook on the changes and NASP will continue to publish any

updates and advice on the NASP website working towards the launch date on 4th December

2017. The new Part 2 test will also be implemented on the same day.

Implementation of the new Part 3 assessment

NASP discussed the issue of the delay in implementing the new assessment and will be

writing to DVSA to express their concern and disappointment, as well as to ascertain next

steps, including expected new date of implementation (concern over the readiness to

launch had already been communicated to DVSA by NASP much earlier in the change

process). NASP will urge the regulator to ensure that individuals affected by the decision to

not to go live in October (i.e. those trainers and trainees with tests booked) will be kept

updated on developments, and a new implementation date communicated to the industry

ASAP. The meeting also expressed its hope that, when ready to launch, the new test will as

originally suggested by DVSA be available at a wider range of DTCs (as the agency indicated

recently would be the case).

Developments to Find Your Nearest

The meeting reviewed the changes to the DVSA instructor search facility, particularly the

drive to publish instructor grades on a voluntary basis to assist consumers in making a more

informed choice when picking an ADI. Clarification is being sought from DVSA as to their

future intentions in terms of possible publication of instructor performance data. This will

be raised at the next meeting with DVSA in November. NASP will also discuss with DVSA at

this meeting further ways DVSA could positively and proactively promote professional driver

trainers to the public.

Theory Test

The meeting looked at possible initiatives to incentivise better preparation for theory tests

and tackle failure to attend issues (with a large number of pupils having several attempts at

the test due to insufficient preparation and equally a significant number also failing to turn

up for tests booked). To be discussed with DVSA at next meeting.

Waiting Times

With waiting times increasing again in some areas of the UK, NASP to discuss with DVSA

their DTC wider resourcing strategy and plans to tackle bottle necks.

Learners on Motorways

NASP guidance has been published on this topic with implementation of deregulation

expected in 2018 (no date has been stated as yet, ministerial approval has been given but

full government clearance is still necessary). A project with Highways England is in stream,

which (with input from NASP) will deliver learning resources to both trainers and pupils

about training on the high-speed road network.

Training and Qualification of ADIs

NASP discussed the ongoing challenge of delivering a quality ADI training process and

developing the performance of both training bodies and trainees. It was agreed that whilst

the implementation of a new Part 3 assessment would be a step forward, the quality

assurance and qualification process itself still required wider review and development. This

will be a particular focus of discussions with DVSA when meeting with NASP later in the


This meeting was attended by NASP members from the main three national ADI associations – ADINJC, DIA and MSAGB.

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