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DVSA releases new show me tell me vids & updates official guide13-09-2017  
With less than 3 months to go to until the driving test changes, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has today published new videos about the updated ‘show me, tell me’ driving test questions

During the test, examiners ask candidates two vehicle safety questions from 4 December 2017, candidates will have to carry out the ‘show me’ question while they are driving.

The two new videos released by DVSA show how to carry out these basic safety tasks. They will prepare new drivers for regularly carrying them out after they have passed their test, helping them keep their vehicle safe to drive all-year-round.

In the new test, the examiner will ask the ‘tell me’ question (where the candidate explains how they would carry out a safety check) at the start of their test, before they start driving. They include things like explaining how they would check the oil levels for the engine or how to check the tyres are legal and safe.

Then later in the test, the candidate will be asked a ‘show me’ question while they are driving - for example, showing how to wash the windscreen and operate the wipers.  The questions test whether candidates can carry out the sort of everyday basic safety tasks drivers need to be able to do while driving.

The videos can be viewed at: (‘tell me’ questions) (‘show me’ questions).

The agency has also updated its ‘DVSA official guide to learning to drive’ book to include all the new elements of the practical test. This edition will be available to buy from 18 September 2017, £9.99 from or most online or high street bookshops.

PLEASE NOTE the revised version with the cover shown above will not be available until 18 September.

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