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Increased safety for new drivers27-08-2017  
The DfT have published a TRL review of interventions which seek to increase the safety of young and novice drivers. The review recommends four interventions that should be researched further.

A Road safety research report published by TRL has reviewed the heightened collision risk of newly qualified drivers (especially those who are also young) relative to their driving exposure.

Some interventions that seek to reduce this risk do so through licensing systems that maximise maturity and on-road experience before licensure (typically through minimum learning periods) and seek to limit exposure to risky situations such as night time driving and carrying peer-age passengers when solo driving begins others take an alternative approach; broadly, they use a variety of methods (e.g. training, education, technology, engagement with drivers and their social support networks) in attempts to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to become a safer driver. In this report, we consider this second type of intervention.

Four interventions are recommended for properly controlled scientific evaluation in a future trial in GB. These are the four interventions types supported by a reasonable level of empirical evidence, which target risk factors that are important in contributing to collisions in newly qualified drivers.

  1. An intervention to engage parents in managing post-test driving in specific risky situations
  2. An intervention to engage a range of stakeholders (and utilising a logbook approach) in increasing the amount and breadth of pre-test on-road experience
  3. An intervention utilising technology (IVDRs) and possibly parents as well to manage driver behaviour post-test
  4. An intervention to train 

The full report is avalable via the link below.

A review of interventions which seek to increase the safety of young and novice drivers
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