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Making sure you're prepared for the changes to the ADI part 3 test20-04-2017  
ADI Registrar; Mark Magee, has today issued a blog giving further information about the forthcoming changes to the ADI Part 3 test. Mark writes:

Following on from my last blog, in which I told you about the changes we’re making to the ADI part 3 test, I’ve received a number of questions.

In this blog, I’ll address the most frequently asked questions and give you information on what you need to do to make sure you’re prepared for the changes being introduced in October 2017.

What will the impact be on training?

We’re making sure the training you receive, and the training you offer, is tailored to the specific learning need of the individual. So, if you’re teaching a candidate with dyslexia it’s important you’re able to adapt your style of teaching to suit their individual needs. For example, this could be changing how you give them directions.

If you’re training PDI’s or you’re currently training to be an ADI, you’ll need to make sure that the core competencies and lesson themes tested by the current part 3 test are still covered in your training. The conditions attached to your trainee licences (forms ADI 21T and 21AT) are still valid.


Although we’re changing the way the ADI part 3 test is delivered, I still think role-play remains a valuable tool in helping you safely acquire and develop competence during the training process. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a new PDI to teach real pupils straight away, so, using a role-play scenario would be the best way for them to start developing their training skills.

However, once your training instructor thinks you’re ready to start teaching a real pupil, they’ll help you find someone suitable.

Should I be working to the National Standard?

Yes, it’s important preparation for you to look at the national standard for driver and rider training and the assessment form and accompanying guidance (in section 4) for the standards check. These set out what competence ‘looks like’ in each area. This’ll help better prepare you for the changes we’re making in October, and make sure you’re learning, or training people, on the right skills.

If you’re already in the process of qualifying, your instructor trainer will be able to advise you on what additional training and development you may need. They should be able to tell you how this will fit into the competencies you’ll need to show before applying for or taking the new test.

Are you still working with the industry?

Yes, I want to make sure the industry is kept informed on the progress we’re making to improve the process of becoming an ADI.

Last year, we conducted research to identify how well prepared instructor trainers and ORDIT organisations are to deliver the new training requirements. Many organisations told us that they’ve already started to change their processes for the new test.

So, today (20 April 2017) we’ll be sending out surveys to PDI’s, recently qualified ADI’s and instructor trainers which will close on 12 May 2017. The survey will help us understand how we can continue to work with and support the driver training industry between now and implementation. It’s an opportunity to provide us with your opinions on the revised test.

If you are a PDI, we’d like also like hear about how and why you chose your instructor trainer, which will help us improve our voluntary instructor trainer scheme (ORDIT).

Instructor trainer workshops

We’ve also be inviting instructor trainers to a workshop to give them an opportunity to discuss the changes with us in more detail. We’ll be able to answer any questions they might have and provide help for those still unsure about what changes are needed or how to make them.

How are you going to improve the standard of the voluntary instructor trainer scheme?

So, to support the changes we’re making to broaden training and help PDI’s to become successful ADIs we’re also planning to improve our existing voluntary instructor trainer (ORDIT) scheme. This’ll make sure trainers are delivering the highest quality training.

This’ll include closer monitoring of standards and performance. We’ll do this by conducting thorough reviews of training logbooks, which are used to monitor and record progress against the competences. We also want to make sure there’s more information out there to help future trainees make a more informed choice of trainer.

We’ll be discussing these proposals for ORDIT at the instructor trainer workshops we’re holding.

Keeping in contact with us

So, if you’re an instructor trainer and haven’t already made contact with us, it’s important that you do so now so that you can be sent the survey and be invited to the workshop.

You can contact us at

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