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Vehicle recalls: what you need to know04-02-2017  
DVSA is urging drivers to check that their vehicles, parts or accessories arenít subject to a safety recall.

New figures show that 2.6 million vehicles were affected by a recall between April 2015 to March 2016.

How recalls work

Manufacturers should recall vehicles when they become aware of a safety problem, and repair them free of charge.

Some parts and accessories - such as child car seats and tyres - aren't registered to drivers like vehicles are, so manufacturers can't always trace the owner.

It’s vital that you check for recalls that affect these.

Check for vehicle, part or accessory recalls

Reporting serious safety defects

If you find a serious defect that affects the safety of your vehicle, one of its parts, or an accessory, report it to the manufacturer immediately.

Tell DVSA if you’re not happy with how the manufacturer is dealing with your report.

Get new recall alerts

You can sign up for email alerts to get a monthly summary of the latest recalls.

DVSA is also starting to use its Facebook and Twitter accounts to issue new recall alerts.

More information

Find out more about vehicle recalls and faults.

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