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Will today's ruling about the employment rights of Uber drivers have any affect on self employed ADIs. What does Uber employment ruling mean?

It seems that the lawyers do not agree on the possible outcome of this case – no surprise there!

The lawyers said –

Alex Bearman, partner at law firm Russell-Cooke, says the outcome is likely to have "significant implications for other operators in the fast growing 'gig economy'". (See the definition below.) Which driving schools are not part of having been trading as franchise agencies since the 1970s. Some schools are more internet reliant than others so the effects may differ depending on the business model used.

However, Martin Warren, partner and head of labour relations at Eversheds, says the fact the Uber claimants have won their case does not mean that cases brought by others will have the same success. Each case will depend on the specific terms and arrangements between the individual and the company they work for."

"We may not see a final determination for some time to come," said Mr Bearman.

The drivers said -

Two drivers, James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam, argued that because of the way they worked they were effectively employed by Uber but didn't have basic workers' rights.

The drivers felt that they should be entitled to holiday pay, and that they should be paid the National Minimum Wage which for all working people aged 25 and over, is currently set at £7.20 per hour. One of the drivers said that his net earnings in August 2015 after expenses were £5.03 an hour.

The drivers argued that their actions were controlled by Uber, so in effect they were employed by the firm.

Uber said -

Uber sates that drivers, who it calls partners, are their own bosses and they argued that there are more than 30,000 drivers in London and 40,000 in the UK using its app to find customers. Many do so, they say, because it allows them to work flexible hours.

It also doesn't set shifts or minimum hours, or make drivers work exclusively for Uber. The case could have huge implications for employment law, say some lawyers.

Uber said that in September, drivers for UberX made, on average, £16 an hour, after Uber's had subtracted their fee. They also stated that only 25% logged on to the Uber system for 40 or more hours per week.

The dictionary said –

According to the online Cambridge Dictionary the meaning of “gig economy” is: a way of working that is based on people having temporary jobs or doing separate pieces of work, each paid separately, rather than working for an employer

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