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Working towards better driver and rider systems and processes 17-10-2016  
DVSA have issued the statement below - so if you are approached by a representative from Kainos don't be afraid to tell them what you think!


To support DVSA’s Digital Services and Technology Strategy, Kainos Digital Technology Solutions are working with DVSA to explore ways to modernise and improve the systems and processes we currently use for all our driver and rider services. This follows an 8-week exercise that has just finished on the vehicle services systems and processes.

From today (Monday 17 October), Kainos staff will be visiting DVSA sites to get an understanding of how we and our systems work. They’ll be looking at things like the booking service for ADIs and candidates, the wider TARS system, CBT, and how we schedule tests.   

The visits will be mainly observational, however, Kainos will also be talking to DVSA staff, trainers and candidates, to build a picture to help support any future improvements. 

This research is aimed at ensuring that our future systems and processes are fit for purpose for both DVSA and its customers.  

The findings will help us to cost and prioritise future systems and processes

Foot Note

According to thier weebsite Kainos develop digital technology that helps people work smarter, better and faster. They create bespoke solutions for public and private organisations all over the world, and build innovative software products that make life easier for thier clients and their customers.



And on Digital Services they state that they are "A trusted partner for Government leading the digital transformation of public services by building innovation and creative solutions. We develop strong relationships through collaboration."

Kainos website
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