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One in three drivers would fail their test13-10-2016  
A third of drivers would fail their driving test before leaving the car park were they to re-take it, First Response Finance surveyed 1000 adults to find out their competency to undertake vehicle maintenance under the bonnet.

As part of the standard UK driving test, drivers are required to know how to pass basic maintenance checks such as what to do if the engine warning light comes on or how to check oil levels.

First Response’s research discovered that one in three holders of a UK driving licence don’t know the answers to these questions.

The survey of 1000 drivers into how familiar they are with the components of their engine bonnets, asked motorists similar questions to those within the ‘show me tell me’ part of the driving test and found that:

  • 46% are not capable of assessing the brake fluid level
  • 40% are not aware how to check the engine coolant level
  • 34% do not have the know how to replenish the windscreen washer reservoir
  • 24% do not know how to assess the engine oil level

The poll conducted by First Response Finance also found that only just over half of motorists (57%) would take their car to a garage if an engine warning light came on in their vehicle, whilst more than one in ten (11%) would simply ignore it.

Ben Garside, Marketing Manager, said: “We’re quite surprised with these findings, we thought there would be a number of people who couldn’t name some of the components under a car bonnet, and an even higher number of people who do not know how to check and refill some of these, but we weren’t expecting the numbers to be as high as they are.

“Many of the UK drivers in our survey probably passed their driving test before the vehicle safety questions were introduced in 2003, so that could possibly be why the number is as high as it is.

“Another concerning aspect is that a significant number of drivers across the UK would ignore vehicle warning lights which could potentially lead to serious accidents and also cause damage to their vehicles.”

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