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Learner Drivers find the Theory Test More Stressful than GCSEs & A-Levels18-07-2016  
For hundreds of thousands of teens exams are over and it’s time to relax. Or so they think; because if they’re amongst the influx of students who use the summer to learn to drive they’re going to be in for another stressful experience.

 Recent research* has shown that 59% of 16-19 year old learner drivers will find taking their Theory Test equally as stressful, or more stressful than taking their GCSE’s and A-Level exams.

Perhaps their worry is with good reason though, as the research conducted by the UK’s leading learner driver revision software, Driving Test Success, also revealed that over half of all learner drivers**:

  • Don’t know what document the police may ask them to produce if they were involved in a collision (57%)
  • Don’t know when they may overtake a vehicle on the left (67%)
  • Don’t recognise the sign for two-way traffic crossing a one-way street (51%)
  • Don’t know how a vehicle will be affected driving up a steep hill (50%)

Amongst the results, one learner driver admitted they thought that windscreen washer was rain that had been collected in the bonnet!

Emma Bagnall, Brand Manager for Driving Test Success, said: “Today many teenagers are pre-occupied on their phones while being taxied from place to place by Mum and Dad, so they’re oblivious to road signs, road rules and the general skills used in driving. What seems like it should be common sense just from being in a car isn’t obvious to today’s learners.”

Learner drivers know there is a lot to take on board but 54% say finding the time to revise is a big challenge.

Emma continued: “At Driving Test Success we’ve helped over 8 million learner drivers prepare for their test and with our newly updated App revising has never been easier. The App contains every official DVSA revision question and explanation, unlimited mock tests, the Highway Code eBook and a braking simulator – which will really help ADIs explain braking distances to their pupils. It also includes the option to add in the theory test date with reminders sent to users to help them keep track of their learning and prepare for the test.”

The App includes:

  • DVSA Theory Test revision questions – Includes every official DVSA Theory Test revision questions and answers to mirror what learners will be asked in their test
  • Unlimited Mock Tests – To accurately simulate the official DVSA test
  • Revision Reminders – Users can add in the date of their Theory Test and they’ll receive revision reminders to keep on track
  • Braking Distance Simulator - Interactive simulator to customise speed and road conditions to find out how each of these factors affects the overall braking distance of a vehicle.   
  • The Highway Code eBook  - Covering all the latest rules and regulations.
  • Progress Monitor – Keeps a track of how well users are doing and which categories need more revision.

Once the app is downloaded an internet connection isn’t required to access, so learners can use it whenever and wherever they are.

The Driving Test Success Theory Test App is available for iOS and Android and to launch the updated app there’s 50% off the usual price until Friday 22 July.

Download Links:

Download for iPhone

Download for iPad

Download for Android

Download for Amazon

Or search for ‘Driving Test Success’ on the store home page.

* Driving Test Success survey to 60 learner drivers

** Imagitech on behalf of Driving Test Success, using data from mock theory tests taken from the ‘Driving Test Success Anytime’ Software.

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