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DVLA launch new guidance16-05-2016  
Last month, DVLA launched updated guidance entitled. Assessing Fitness to Drive: a Guide for Medical Professionalsí to help medical professionals assess their patientsí fitness to drive.

It replaces the previous ‘At a Glance’ guide, and helps medical professionals to make informed decisions when talking to their patients about medical conditions affecting their ability to drive.

DVLA asked a number of medical professionals for their opinion towards the end of last year, and it was clear that for it to work for them in today’s environment, the guidance needed an overhaul.

The guide makes it clear and easier for medical professionals to use. We commissioned research with a range of practitioners including GPs, nurses and consultants to ensure the guidance gives clear and consistent information. It includes new and updated advice on a number of medical conditions. And it makes it clearer about whether or not practitioners need to contact DVLA.

Users can download it, or view it on GOV.UK – whatever they prefer.

Since it was published on 11 March 2016, the guide has been accessed more than 50,000 times and downloaded over 20,000 times. On average, that’s over 2,000 views a day. For comparison, the ‘At a Glance’ guide was averaging just over 400 views a day in the months before the new guidance was published.

Assessing fitness to drive - a guide for medical professionals
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