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Zero tolerance policy11-05-2016  
Examiner Assaults - At the recent NASP/DVSA meeting there was a discussion about a flurry of both verbal and physical assaults on DVSA staff over the past few months from both the public and ADIs.

DVSA are implementing a zero tolerance approach with written warnings to offenders, and they asked for support from the driver trainers. Examiners are being encouraged to go the police in the case of severe abuse which if instigated by ADIs could result in their removal from the register.

NASP members also agreed to communicate a zero tolerance approach to their respective memberships and via the NASP website and the statement below is released today by NASP

At the recent NASP meeting we were concerned to learn that DVSA staff are experiencing an increasing number of incidents of verbal and physical abuse. Worryingly, and shockingly, this is coming from not just disappointed candidates, but also from ADIs.

This is obviously wholly unacceptable and DVSA is taking a zero tolerance stance on such incidents. Any verbal or physical abuse against any member of staff will not be tolerated. The DVSA has stated that it will not accept any such behaviour towards its staff and will take whatever steps are necessary to protect them, including involving the police where necessary.

ADIs using any form of verbal or physical abuse will face removal from the register. ADIs should also be aware that any reported cases of online abuse will also be treated seriously. 

The four main national associations which form NASP are in agreement that there should be a zero tolerance response to any form of abuse against DVSA personnel, pupils, fellow ADIs or the wider public.

If a member has a grievance with an examiner, other member of DVSA staff, pupil or colleague within the industry, we would do our utmost to represent our members and try to resolve the issue. However, if verbal, physical or serious online abuse is proven to have taken place, it is unlikely that we would feel able to support that member in those circumstances.

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